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White Bristle Carpet Brush

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Good and stiff bristles for scrubbing carpet with. Hand held carpet brush. Densely packed, Nylon bristles staple-set into a foam or polypropylene block. Great for cleaning white sidewall tires and stripping paint for home furniture refinishing. Strong scrubbing action.

SM Arnold 85-639 Whitewall - Sidewall Tire Brush, 1 Pack

  • Stiff brass bristles quickly remove dirt
  • Densely packed brass wires.
  • Professional grade brush.


  • Brand: S.M. Arnold
  • Model: 85-639
  • Filament Type: White Nylon
  • Size: , 1 Pack
  • Length (cm): 21.6
  • Width (cm): 6.3
  • Height (cm): 3.2
  • Weight (g): 45