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SM Arnold Water Blade Squeegee

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Easy to use wiping blade with a soft and flexible squeegee for a quick wipe and dry action. Gets automobiles dry quickly and safely! One pass patented T-Bar technology. Effortlessly whisks away water. Blade made of a soft medical grade silicone. Will not scratch your vehicle and gives your vehicle that perfect dry with half the work. The Water Blade Squeegee is a powerful tool for drying cars, trucks, boats, windows, shower doors, and mirrors. Its advanced design makes it perfect for drying glass, metal, paint, and plastic. Get your car and windows sparkling in no time with this easy to use and highly efficient squeegee.

  • Great for drying cars, trucks and boats.
  • Great for home use to dry windows, shower doors and mirrors
  • Use on glass, metal, paint, and plastic.