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Universal Absorbent Pad 100/Bale 15"X17"
Industry Supply Inc.

Universal Absorbent Pad 100/Bale 15"X17"

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Universal Sorbents is an economical, general purpose sorbent to clean up oils, coolants, solvents, and water-based fluids. These sorbents absorb up to 20 times their weight and are put to use against spills in assembly lines, printing, equipment or any gear. The Universal Absorbent Pad is designed to tackle even the toughest industrial spills. Absorbing liquids such as water, petroleum, and chemical-based fluids, this 15"x17" pad is perforated and dimpled for maximum liquid retention and an easy fit indoors. Perfect for maintenance projects or heavy-duty spills, these universal sorbents will take care of any mess.

  • Absorbs all industrial liquids (water, petroleum, and chemical based fluids)
  • Dimpled & perforated
  • Perfect fit for indoor spills
  • Universal sorbents are designed for use around machinery, under leaky pipes or fittings, in messy traffic areas and for general maintenance projects.