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Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
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Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020

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Tornador car cleaning tools are the fastest and easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces. Cleans and air dries in seconds. Tested and approved by industry pros.
Works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can't reach.

  • The Z-020 Tornador Black has newly developed rotational technology inside the funnel to provide faster, more powerful cleaning compared to the Tornador Classic. Professional detailers will love the speed and effectiveness of the Tornador Black. The new design reduces wear and ensures a longer life and superior performance.

  • More powerful and efficient that the Tornador Classic. The Tornador Black is constructed with heavier duty parts that ensure the inner workings last longer. It uses less soap, less pressure, and cleans quicker. Basically, it’s the Tornador Classic on steroids!

  • The Z-020 Tornador Black produces enormous power with a very small air compressor. All you need is a compressor with a discharge rate of at least 270 l per minute (4.5 cfm). This can be achieved using compressors with a reservoir of as little as 13 gallon capacity. Mobile detailers can now use the Tornador Black with a smaller, portable air compressor.

  • Built-in air regulator allows you to control pressure. The Tornador Black allows you to change the working pressure directly on the tool and regulate the capacity of your chemicals.

  • The Z-020 Tornador Black is less noisy, too. The designers increased power but reduced air consumption and noise. Plus, the Tornador Black d is equipped with sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set. Wear is minimized because the rotation set no longer comes into contact with the cone. This improvement makes the Tornador Black better suited for long term, frequent use, as in a professional detailing capacity.

  • Air-driven suction feed gun offers improved power. As with the Classic, the Tornador Black uses pressurized air to drive a mixture of water and soap through an oscillating nozzle. However, the feed gun rotates spirally, guided by a ball bearing design to increase power and efficiency.
  • Lower air consumption and noise emissions. More upgrades on the Tornador Black are its ability to use less air and operate with less noise. It requires less maintenance and is less vulnerable to wear and tear.

For Best Results:

  • Vacuum large debris from your interior before using the Tornador Black.
  • Pressurize your air tool with an air compressor with at least 5.5 CFM.
  • Add 2-3 ounces of soap to your tank and fill the rest with water.
  • When cleaning fabrics, turn the liquid air valve to the upright position to release the cleaning product. Hold the nozzle a few inches from the fabric and spray in an overlapping motion. Turn the valve to the down position to dry with air.
  • For cleaning vinyl and plastics, apply the product at 90 PSI. Allow the product to sit on the surface for 10 to 15 seconds. Wipe product off with a Microfiber Towel. Use the air gun, following with the towel, to dry crevices and creases.
  • You’ll never want to detail without the Tornador again!