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60" Wooden Pole with a Threaded Metal Tip
Industry Supply Inc.

60" Wooden Pole with a Threaded Metal Tip

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 This wood broom handle was designed with a threaded end made of die-cast, unbreakable aluminum compatible with a multitude of broom heads and brushes (sold separately). Made from natural lacquered hardwood, this high quality threaded tip broom handle is 60 inches in length with a 15/16" diameter. An affordable wooden broom handle option, this metal-tip threaded handle can be used with the most effective broom heads for quick, easy clean-ups. 

Metal-Tip Threaded Hardwood Broom Handle, 60" Long, 15/16" Diameter, Sold as Each

  • Extended wooden handle for the vehicle wash brush.
  • Smooth grip.
  • Metal-tip threaded end broom handle
  • Die-cast, unbreakable aluminum threaded tip
  • Natural lacquered hardwood handle
  • Smooth grip
  • 60" Length
  • 15/16" Diameter