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Floor Dust Absorbent Sweep Compound
Floor Dust Absorbent Sweep Compound
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Floor Dust Absorbent Sweep Compound

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Compound adheres to dust particles making them easier to be removed. 
  • Available in 50, 100, or 300 lbs.
  • Floor sweeping compound.
  • Oil-based compound provides maximum dust and dirt absorbency.
  • Cost-effective powder is specially formulated for smooth and easy sweeping.
  • Compound instantly attracts dust and dirt, holding dust and dirt to the floor while the area is being swept.
  • Green - Grit-Free—For all floors not damaged by oil.
  • Application: Concrete Floors; Unfinished Floors; Applicable Material: Cement; Concrete; Tile; Wood; Dirt Types: Debris; Dust; Soil; Scent: Petroleum Odor.
  • Dust down sweeping compound