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Soap Nozzle Tip 1/4"

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SOAP NOZZLE TIP 1/4" You can technically use any power washer nozzle for soap, the black nozzle is the best and most commonly used. Because it has a larger orifice, it decreases the velocity of the water, increasing the pressure in the hose. This makes it easier for the hose to pull in detergent from the tank. An incorrect choice of a nozzle can lead to splashing water aimlessly over a stain without any results or cutting a hole into your house.

  • Soaping Jet- Used for a wider spray and lower PSI for soap application
  • Applies Cleaning Solutions
  • Low Pressure Spray is safe on all surfaces.
  • Always verify compatibility of cleaning solution prior to use
  • The 65° fan nozzle, also called the soap nozzle, is used for what its name suggests – applying soap (detergent) to a surface.
  • This would be commonly done before the cleaning takes place.
  • The nozzle applies minimal pressure and is considered safe to use on all surfaces.