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ES-51 Safety Glasses Smoke Mirror Lenses ES-51
Industry Supply Inc

ES-51 Safety Glasses Smoke Mirror Lenses

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These Safety Glasses have wrap around protection. Provides a near total field of vision. Lightweight, strong polycarbonate lens with plastic body. Protect your eyes from impact and hazards of the job. Affordable all-day comfort. Ideal for use in food service, food processing, janitorial, construction, landscaping, and laboratory applications.

  • Used to dim the brightness of your surroundings without distorting the clarity of everything around you!
  • They are ideal for when you're working outdoors, trying to concentrate on a task and need to have clear vision!
 Material: Plastic
Frame: Smoked, Clear, Indoor/Outdoor
Smoked, Clear, Indoor/Outdoor
Size: One Size Fits All
Unit: Sold Individually
Description: Wrap Around Protective Eyewear
Manufacturer Number: ES-51BKSM