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Plastic Razor Scraper Red 12/BX

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These versatile scrapers are hands down the best for scraping any adhesive bound material from sensitive surface. Works wonderfully for lifting decals off of paint.  These multi-purpose scrapers are made for any detailing application requiring precision scraping on automobile surfaces.This Plastic Razor Scraper is an essential tool for any detailing job. Featuring a sturdy construction and a safe plastic blade, this scraper is designed to effortlessly remove sticky materials such as decals and adhesives from sensitive surfaces. With a comfortable handle and ergonomic design, this tool provides strength, precision and control for any delicate detailing task.

  • 12 per box
  • They're versatile tools with rounded corners and edges that scrape surfaces without scratching!
  • Easy to hold and maneuver for hard to reach areas.
  • Great multipurpose tool to keep at work or in your workshop.