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Pet Hair Removal Brush

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Awesome pet hair removal brush. Works through the process of static electricity to attract hair and lint from the deep carpet and upholstery fibers. Perfect to use with the Pet Hair Removal Stone. For best results, first vacuum any loose dirt and debris from carpets or floor mats. Brush off any stuck-in fur and hair with the Professional Rubber Pet Hair Removal Brush. Gently rake the surface in one direction to push and pull fur and hair from carpet, clothing, and upholstery. Rinse with water to clean.

  • Safe for all surfaces including leather will not starch off scuff
  • Ideal for removing hair, lint and dust from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs
  • 100 percent natural rubber is durable
  • Use this rubber brush to remove pet hair from carpets and fabric upholstery.
  • 1" black rubber bristles
  • A must-have accessory for the professional detailer.