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Square Microfiber Applicators 12/Pack
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Square Microfiber Applicators 12/Pack

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Microfiber applicator keeps your car shiny by helping you apply car care products evenly. Apply car wax, polish or sealant to a variety of surfaces with these reusable, machine washable pads. Blue square microfiber pads won't scratch surfaces, ensuring safe cleaning.  Square Microfiber Applicators are a fast and efficient way to apply wax or polish. The microfiber material traps and holds the product, allowing for an even spread and pressure. They are soft and easy to grip, making application a breeze. Perfect for professionals or DIYers.

  • 12/pack.
  • Each pad is 5" x 3.75"
  • Great for applying or wiping
  • The versatility of the pad in holding with the sponge material inside the microfiber and the microfiber itself to apply or take off.

Breakdown: $2.91 Per Pad