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Light Brown Carpet Dye HT213
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Light Brown Carpet Dye HT213

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Light Brown Carpet Dye HT213 11.25 OZ

Use confidently to restore, renew, and rejuvenate automotive carpet, vinyl, and plastic. Aerosol can net weight 11.25 oz. All dyes are California / OTC VOC Compliant. This plastic & carpet works great to hide and cover blemishes in your vehicle's carpet. No longer worry about pesky discolorations in your vehicle's interior. This dye works to restore fabrics to their original tint. Car enthusiasts, professional detailers, and the average person can repair their automobile's matting to its original shade. Please note that the color swatch is approximate. Intended for automotive carpets only, not suggested for household use. 

  • Easy to blend into faded fiber areas of carpets.
  • Covers and conceals carpet blemishes.
  • Works great on carpets and mats that are just too stained to come perfectly clean.