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Spoke Wheel Cleaning Brush 17"

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17" in length. Natural tampico bristles twisted in a rust-resistant wire. Has a plain sanded wood handle with hanger in the end. Great for removing build up between spokes. Clean wheels in no time with the Spoke Wheel Cleaning Brush - designed for larger slot openings, allowing more of the wheel surface to be cleaned in a single stroke. The lightweight and convenient brush reaches where the hand can't and is great for cleaning trailer wheel rims. An ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip while the brush reduces cleaning time, leading to better results. Tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs with the Spoke Wheel Cleaning Brush.

  • Intended for larger slot openings allowing more wheel surface to be cleaned with each stroke.
  • Reaches where the hand can't, Lightweight and convenient.
  • Reduce wheel cleaning time.
  • Designed for reaching between spokes and around rims to remove baked on brake dust.
  • Comfortable handle for easy grip.
  • Great for cleaning trailer wheel rims.