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Large Angle Broom with Handle
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Large Angle Broom with Handle

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LARGE ANGLE BROOM WITH HANDLE. With Bristles large angle broom, you are assured that cleaning up dirt will be a breeze with its large angle. This broom is specially cut and shaped for easy cleaning indoor or outdoor on smooth or medium surfaces. 

  • Updated Design: Angle design easy to pull dirt from corners, distressed bristles head easy to cleaning small-duty, pet-hair and don't hurt the floor.
  • Great for Outdoor: Perfect for cleaning garages, sidewalks, Courtyard ,decks and other outdoor surfaces with less effort. Our heavy-duty broom durable bristles to sweep away heavy and wet debris.
  • Multi-Use: You also can use it for home, kitchen, room, lobby and office, Our broom is also perfect for Industrial, commercial and food service applications
  • To sweep your yard, walks and driveway you need a broom with durability. Our broom is your choice.
  • Excellent for indoor sweeping on smooth/medium surfaces
  • Angled head gets into hard-to-reach areas and baseboards
  • Cut and shaped for easy sweeping
  • Extra large sweeping path with soft, flagged poly bristles