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ISO Prep Cleaning and Prep Solvent 16 OZ.
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ISO Prep Cleaning and Prep Solvent 16 OZ.

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Iso Prep Solvent is wonderful for cleaning and ridding the surface of oils and drying it quickly. This product is great for Isopropyl wipe downs. An IPA wipe down is a term used in detailing that refers to using diluted isopropyl alcohol to remove substances from a vehicle’s clear coat prior to adding wax or protectant. 

  • Helps prepare surfaces to be coated, painted or for adhesion promotion.
  • Takes oils off surface and leaves a clean dry surface.
  • Can help restore headlights, remove sticker residue and polish residue.
  • If you are cleaning before adding a coating use a degreaser like Red Ripper to first clean and degrease the surface then follow with this product.