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ISI Tri-Foam Blue
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ISI Tri-Foam Blue

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ISI Tri-Foam Blue is the perfect concentrate for any car wash. This powerful polish foam works automatically to cover the vehicle, washing away dirt and grime while conditioning the finish. For a rainbow wash, consider our Tri Foam Gold and Red. Concentrated high color foaming cleaner/polish that will brighten up your tunnel with the best polish agents and foaming detergents. Available in 1, 5 , 15, and 55 Gallon

  • Perfect for any car wash
  • Check out our Tri Foam Gold and Red as well!
  • This highly concentrated, liquid polish foam/conditioner is formulated for use in automatic car wash foam generating equipment.
  • Covers the vehicle with a rich, polish foam that washes away dirt and road grime, while conditioning the finish for wax or sealant treatment.