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ISI The Wax 32 oz
Industry Supply Inc.

ISI The Wax 32 oz

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Apply by hand until satisfied then use buffer pad. Achieve the ultimate wet look from the comfort of your driveway. Used by pros & loved by enthusiasts, The Wax upgrades any paint color with deep and wet-looking shine that won't go unnoticed. Rain, shine, or dust, your paint job lives to impress yet another day.  Unlike other car detailing products that wash off a few weeks later, the wax keeps providing high gloss and paint protection for months. Get an auto wax polish that saves you a whole lot of elbow grease. Follow the instructions, apply by hand or DA polisher, and enjoy the results. No residue left behind; perfect for use on cars, RVs, and boats.

  • Turn heads with a showroom shiny finish.
  • Protect your paint job. 
  • Long term wax
  • It won't stain plastic trim