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ISI The Polish - Body Shop Polish
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ISI The Polish - Body Shop Polish

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32oz Body Shop Polish. Use the whole set including The Compound and The Wax for a beautiful polish. 

Designed for the professional; perfect for the most discerning enthusiast The Polish is the ultimate polish. It removes moderate-to-light defects and quickly creates a show-quality gloss. Ultra-fine fused oxide abrasives work immediately and leave the paint microscopically smooth for laser-sharp reflections and beautiful clarity. The Polish wipes off the paint with ease, reducing the risk of post-polishing marring, and preserving the beauty you create. The Polish does not feature fillers or oils that wash away, so the gloss you create won’t fade away after a few washes. The Polish is the perfect last-step polish for paint coating preparation or any time you desire the truest, most reflective paint possible.

  • Removes moderate-to-light paint defects quickly
  • Creates a finish with incredible depth-of-shine
  • Sharpens reflections and increases clarity
  • Works with all machine and pad types
  • Wipes away easily and completely
  • Safe for body shops