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ISI Pina Colada  Fragrance
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ISI Pina Colada Fragrance

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16 oz Concentrate

One 16oz concentrate can give up to 2 gallons of fragrance

Long lasting and smells great!

This fragrance concentrate is a unique blend of aromatic essences formulated to leave a long lasting fragrance of Pina Colada. Helps control mustiness, mildew, smoke, food, or pet odors. A concentrated product- dilute then spray in desired area. Spray provides premium fragrance that delivers long-lasting results in the home, office, or on the road. Great for any space, Spray provides an instant fragrance boost in a non-aerosol format.

  • Premium quality air freshener odor eliminator
  • Ultra Concentrated
  • Long Lasting
  • ISI Pina colada Concentrate Fragrance 16 OZ. 
  • Neutralize odors throughout the entire space
  • Long-lasting, unique aroma
  • 100% made in USA