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ISI Odor Slap - Odor Remover
ISI Odor Slap - Odor Remover
ISI Odor Slap - Odor Remover
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ISI Odor Slap - Odor Remover

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This one of a kind product removes odors by absorbing them into the chemical itself. Most all other odor removers just mask the odor for a day or so and it comes right back. With Odor Slap, the odor is absorbed and changed by a powerful but balanced blend of the finest oils and active ingredients. A very rare combination, makes for a very rare odor remover.
  • A true odor remover.
  • This product encapsulates the odor creating a bubble of sorts around the stink.
  • Just spray this product straight onto a stinky surface, carpet, or upholstery and then let it do its magic.
  • Blotting up is fine.
  • You can also mist it.