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KLEER-VIEW 10X Glass Cleaner
Industry Supply Inc.

ISI Kleer-View 10X Glass Cleaner

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  • A solvent-based, fast drying, blue liquid cleaner.
  • Versatile: Designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, windshields, desk tops, headlights, glass doors, tiles, showcase glasses, chrome, appliances, vinyl, leather, plastic, stainless steel, and enamel surfaces. Excellent in cleaning automobile interiors. Can be used as a windshield washing fluid as well because it does not freeze.
  • No streaks or film: Removes accumulated grease, grime, and other soil without leaving a film.   
  • Safe to use: Contains no ammonia to ensure its safety on plastic and plex-glass surfaces.
  • This product can dilute up to 50:1 for a truly clean, non-streaking glass cleaner.