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Industrial Water Hose Sprayer

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This heavy duty, high pressure, pistol grip spray nozzle is wonderful and was designed to be leak proof and in industrial environments. Toughest pistol grip sprayer on the market that we have come across. Make sure your industrial environment is well-maintained with this Industrial Water Hose Sprayer. This heavy duty sprayer is able to handle up to 100 PSI, and its reinforced brass stem ensures durability against drops and rough use. The hold-open clip lets you spray continuously, and the flow control dial allows you to customize the pressure of the water stream. Perfect for industrial tools, equipment, and work spaces.

  • 100 PSI to weather high water pressure.
  • Hold-open clip allows for a continuous spray without squeezing.
  • Flow control dial customizes force of the water stream.
  • Ideal for industrial machinery, tools, equipment and work spaces.
  • This nozzle features durable die-cast construction with reinforced brass stem to withstand drops and rough use.