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Hang Tags 12/CS
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Hang Tags 12/CS

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12/CS. 100X more fragrance than typical air fresheners, keeping any area smelling cleaner, longer. Hang it from a variety of objects like stall door stop, toilet handle, etc. For greater placement options, use the suction cups.

  • Fresh Product Hang Tag Air Freshener: A discrete effective air freshener that freshens small areas for 30 days.
  • The slim design of the Hang Tag makes it easy to install just about anywhere. It’s perfect for those small areas that can start to smell stale such as inside cupboards, behind the toilet, and even closets.
  • The Hang Tag contains 10 times more fragrance that consistently releases in small areas. If you have a stale or musky space, the Hang Tag will keep it fresh for 30 days