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Foam Pad Cleaning Brush
Industry Supply Inc.

SM Arnold 85-643 Foam Pad Cleaning Brush 8"

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This professional grade brush has densely packed brass wires and stiff bristles to quickly and effectively remove dirt and grime. Its design allows for thorough cleaning on surfaces that need it most. Percentages and facts should support the claim. Contour brush designed to keep hands safely away from pad while cleaning the pad. Nylon bristles.  Contour toothbrush style to help get into small areas. 

SM Arnold 85-643. 

  • Stiff bristles quickly remove dirt.
  • Densely packed brass wires.
  • Professional grade brush.
  • Removes excess, caked-on wax from your used foam pad.
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Bristle Length: 3/4 inch