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SC Refill Fabric Fingertip Bandages, 10/box
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SC Refill Fabric Fingertip Bandages, 10/box FAE 3006

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Smart Compliance Refill Fabric Fingertip Bandages, 10/box. 

The fingertip is the most irritating place for a cut. This fabric bandage wraps comfortably around the fingertip, relieving much of the frustration. It stays firmly in place and the durable fabric keeps the fingertip clean and dry for healing. Each bandage is also ventilated. Individually packaged for single use, the bandages come boxed and ready to snap into place. Help heal damaged skin with these flexible fabric fingertip bandages. This 10-count box contains ventilated bandages that aid in the natural healing process, and the butterfly shape is perfect for wrapping securely around fingertips. Packaged in a perforated box with SmartTab ezRefill reminder tabs to notify you when it's time to reorder supplies, these First Aid Only SmartCompliance fingertip bandages are perfect for supplying first aid kits and stocking medicine cabinets.
  • Latex-Free
  • Comfortably wraps around the fingertip
  • Stays firmly in place
  • Keeps the fingertip clean and dry for healing
  • Individually packaged for single use
  • These beige fingertip bandages are ideal for minor cuts, abrasions, and puncture wounds
  • These bandages are made with pliable woven fabric and ventilated to aid in the healing process
  • Part number FAE 3006