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Dupont Tyvek TJ198 White Hooded Coveralls, 25/Pack
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Dupont Tyvek TJ198 White Hooded Coveralls, 25/Pack

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These coverall garments provide resistance to low-concentration, water-based, inorganic chemicals (even under pressure) with the strength and durability of Tyvek® thanks to an innovative fabric technology and enhanced garment design. Developed to our highest standards, Tyvek® coveralls are soft, comfortable and lightweight without compromising their level of durability.
  • DuPont™ Tyvek® TJ198 800 J limited-use hooded coverall is made to offer protection against a broad range of water-based chemicals, including pressurized jets. In a comfortable fit with full freedom of movement.
  • The proprietary fabric is designed for use in very humid applications such as industrial cleaning, petrochemical installations, and sewer maintenance.
  • It is soft, breathable, and lightweight, yet very durable. The shaped hood with elastic and a self-adhesive chin flap is designed to fit snugly around a full-face respirator.
  • Seams are stitched and over taped to maintain the barrier established by the fabric.
  • The garment also has elastic at the wrists, ankles, and waist, plus elastic thumb loops to help keep sleeves from riding.
  •  TJ198TWH0025PI