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Dual Sided Toothbrush Style Detail Brush

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White nylon bristles staple set at each end of plastic. Dual brush heads allow for cleaning in smallest areas. Good for fine detail work. This brush has both shorter and longer white nylon bristles on either ends. From the tightest and smallest of areas to the hardest to reach crevices, this brush removes dust, dirt, crumbs and gunk. Soft gentle bristles reach between small areas to lift and remove particles. This brush can even remove wax and polish residue - especially around emblems, molding, trim, door handles and more

  • These brush bristles are staple set at each end of plastic handle, leaving you with a sturdy professional grade product.
  • This brush is great for cleaning and detailing the smallest areas.
  • These brushes are great for cleaning and detailing interior cracks and crevices.
  • The perfect upgrade from that old toothbrush you were using.