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Dish Soap 4/1 GAL
Industry Supply Inc.

Dish Soap 4/1 GAL

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DISH SOAP 4/1 GAL. Tough on grease, easy on your budget. Dish soap is designed to create a thick, sudsy foam that helps break down the food and stains on pots, plates, cups, and bowls. Great value product with great cleaning action.

  • 4, 1 gallon jugs of dish soap.
  • Powerful, concentrated liquid.
  • Cuts through stuck-on food.
  • Ensures pots, pans, flatware, and dishes are sparkling clean.
  • High-sudsing formula easily cuts through grease, dirt, and food build up.
  • Leaves behind a pleasant, fresh scent.
  • Rinses cleanly for spot free dishes and glassware.