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Cotton Polyester String PVC Dotted Grip Gloves 12/Pack
Industry Supply Inc

Cotton Polyester String PVC Dotted Grip Gloves 12/Pack

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This general-purpose work glove offers an excellent grip. These gloves are made with a knit construction that provides outstanding durability and all-day comfort. More than 500 PVC dots adhered to the palm provide abrasion resistance while maximizing grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Great for use in construction and warehouse work.

  • 12/Pack
  • Cotton/ Polyester String Knit
  • 1 Sided PVC Dotted Grip
  • Black / Natural Color
  • Premium natural white string knit
  • PVC dots on one side
  • Knit wrist
  • Industries & Applications: Manufacturing
  • A comfortable medium weight cotton/polyester knit glove with PVC dots on one side provides general-duty protection and enhanced gripping ability.

Breakdown: $8.32 Per Pair of Gloves