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Chrome Aluminum Lacquer Spray Paint 12oz
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Chrome Aluminum Lacquer Spray Paint 12oz

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One step Convenient easy to use Chrome Aluminum lacquer paint in a can! Spray as you would regular paint, but only this time spray Chrome Aluminum! No additional steps, just spray and admire the results. Add that Chrome Aluminum look to anything you can spray! It adheres well to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, paper mache, glass, plaster, ceramic, and wicker. The smooth, high gloss Chrome Aluminum spray paint resembles actual metallic plating. 
  • HT1801
  • Premium paint that covers easily to provide a tough, durable, heat resistant finish.
  • Used for repainting mag and aluminum wheels.
  • Can also be used on most types of metal and wood.
  • Hi-Tech paints are specially formulated to dry quickly and smoothly.
  • Aerosol can net weight 12oz.