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Buffing Pad Spur -Detail Cleaning Tool

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Great cleaning tool for your wool pad and bonnets. Will extend the life of your wool pads and bonnets. Simply run the spur over the pad as it is spinning and watch it bring pads and bonnets back to like new condition in seconds. Cleans and revitalizes in one operation. Removes glazed surface and fluffs packed wool. Brings pads and bonnets back to like new condition in seconds. Minimizes washing.

  • Extend your pads life by keeping all your pads clean and ready for their next use
  • Use the metal spurs to clean off debris
  • Great for use with all polishing, buffing and compounding pads and bonnets.
  • The fibers on a wool pad are what give wool its cutting power. But over the course of a detail job, the wool fibers become caked with polish and lose their effectiveness.
  • You have a couple of options when this happens: stop the polisher and replace the pad with a clean one OR quickly run the Buffing Pad Spur over the pad and continue working.