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Box of Twine 3 Ply Twine 725lb 1800 Ft.
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Box of Twine 3 Ply Twine 725lb 1800 Ft.

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725 LB Polypropylene Twine is soft and easy on hands with superior tensile and knot strength. Preferred by users because this white twine is soft, smooth, and pliable. This 725 LB Tensile Strength Poly Tying Twine knots easily and tightly while laying flat on packages. 1,800 foot roll.

  • Resists rot, moisture, mildew, most acids, and all rodents.
  • Ties easily and tightly
  • Lays flat on packages.
  • 3-ply 725 lb tensile strength
  • 1,800 foot roll.
  • 3/16" Twine Diameter
  • Features high tensile strength, excellent uniformity, minimal stretch and exceptional holding power
  • Rot, mildew and insect resistant
  • Smooth, clean surface that is easy on hands
  • Recommended for industrial packaging and bundling.