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7510 Fiberglass Clip-On Dust Mop Handle 60"
Industry Supply Inc.

7510 Fiberglass Clip-On Dust Mop Handle 60"

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Using the heaviest metal in the industry on our clip on style head you can expect a very long and trouble free service life. Spring release clip on style head releases soiled mop quickly and efficiently with just a touch. Sliding swivel lock allows you to 360* movement or you can lock it in place for the larger sized dust mops while cleaning long hallways or during any straight path style cleaning. These dust mop handles are easy to attach with the durable heavy metal clip.
  • 15/16" x 60"
  • Quick change, snap-on dust mop handles with swivel or rigid positions
  • Comes in a Standard 60" finished length, and can be used with any standard traditional style wire dust mop frame.