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55 Gallon Drum Pump
Industry Supply Inc.

55 Gallon Siphon Pump

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This 55 Gallon Siphon Pump makes it easy to empty a 55-gallon drum quickly. Constructed with polyethylene, it features a 4' discharge tube, a suction tube that reaches 34" below the lid, and a 2" drum opening adapter. Trim to fit any drum, this pump is FDA compliant. Transferring liquid out of a drum can be a pain, but no longer with this siphon pump. Easy to use, 55 gallon drum pump. No Electricity Required; Utilizes siphon action to transfer liquids by a simple grip and pump. Features a discharge hose for hassle-free liquid transfer. Perfect for transferring different fluid types. 

  • Empties a 55-gallon drum quickly. 4' discharge tube.
  • Polyethylene construction.
  • Suction tube reaches 34" below drum lid.
  • Trim to fit any drum.
  • Includes adapter to fit 2" drum openings.
  • FDA compliant.

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