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Small Backing Plate
Industry Supply Inc.

4.75" Velcro Backing Plate

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5/16" x 24" male thread backing plate for 6" foam buffing pads. This backing plate uses rugged synthetic materials for superior heat resistance and durability over extended polishing jobs. Cooling channels funnel fresh air in to cool the buffing pad, backing plate, and machine polisher with every spin around the machine. Dispersing heat from polishing extends the lifespan of buffing pads, backing plates, and the machine polisher itself. This backing plate makes short work of polishing paint, metal, optical plastic, and glass, but it can also scrub carpets, upholstery, and even restore headlights. Polishing large, flat panels like roofs, hoods, and doors is made easy. 

  • Minimizes heat transfer
  • 4 ¾ inch in diameter is perfect for 6" Buff Pads
  • Squeeze into tight areas with low profile design
  • Pull out deep dirt and stains in upholstery
  • Funnel fresh air in to cool the pad & machine
  • Remove scratches & enhance gloss on all paintwork