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35 Gallon Blue Poly Open Head Drum
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35 Gallon Blue Poly Open Head Drum

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Excellent for indoor or outdoor use. Corrosion free, dent-resistant HDPE. Rugged, Industrial strength, chemical resistant drum. It is rust resistant, stackable and reusable. Easy to mark for safe chemical storage.
  • 35 Gallon Blue Poly Open Head Drum
  • Made from HDPE, which is an incredibly strong polyethylene with high tensile strength, rigidity, and impact resistance
  • Comes complete with lid.
  • Drum comes with a plastic lid and can be used to store, transport, and dispose of small, intact containers of hazardous materials and help contain spills
  • Made of blue HDPE, which weighs less than steel, is resistant to dents, punctures, and certain chemicals
  • Metal lever-lock ring can be used to secure the lid to the drum
  • Meets DOT regulation 173.12 and UN standards concerning the packaging and shipping of hazardous materials