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30 Gallon Blue Poly Drum

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30 GALLON BLUE POLY DRUM. Seamless construction suitable for storage indoors or outdoors. This closed head 30 gallon plastic drum is sure to safely store and transport all of your chemicals, liquids, cosmetics, electronic parts, solids, hardware, and household products. Comes with lids. UN rated 2" NPS and 2" buttress fittings. UN Rated blue 30 gallon tight head round plastic drum. This drum is made of HDPE, with thick walls to provide superior performance and long lasting durability.

  • Made with food grade plastic.
  • Seamless one-piece blow mold construction made from high molecular weight, high density polyethylene
  • Quality blue drum: Molded-in color won’t dent, rust, fade, or peel
  • Non-removable cover supplied with a 2” NPS fitting and a 2” buttress