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3 Pack Detail Brush Nylon, Steel, Brass
Industry Supply Inc.

3 Pack Detail Brush Nylon, Steel, Brass

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Easy finger grip plastic block filled with 1 nylon burst, brass wire brush, and stainless steel brush. Three brushes to a pack. 

  • Perfect for all cleaning and detailing applications
  • Soft Nylon Brush: (1) 7” long nylon brush for hard-to-reach areas that require a gentle cleaning. Great for removing wax and polish residue from crevices around emblems and side molding.
  • Tough Brass Brush: (1) 7” long brass brush designed to clean plugs and batteries. Great for cleaning electrical parts.
  • Stainless Steel Brush: (1) 7” long steel brush for scrubbing away significant amounts of rust. Perfect for paint rust and corrosion removal.
  • For automotive and household applications; Vehicle detailing, cleaning a corroded watch battery compartment, getting mildew off faucets (no need for chemicals), cleaning gun stocks, working with clay, cleaning between the rings on the bottom of pots, scrubbing battery terminals and air filters