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3.5" Nylon Carpet/Upholstery Brush

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This carpet and upholstery brush has nylon bristles. 5/16" - 24 drive thread bolt, fits the Cyclo, the Porter Cable, or attach to any power drill. 3.5" diameter.

  • This carpet brush is ultra soft enough to clean the dust gently, but also stiff so it will never get split and be protective to the surface or finish! Rest assure that just have relaxing cleaning job instead of frightening!
  • With the drill attachment, you can install it onto a machine such as dual action polisher very easily!
  • Instead of cleaning the dirt manually, you can remove the dirt or dust even breezily with this powerful cleaner! Greatly save your time and strength! Cost little effort to uninstall and restore!
  • The brush fiber is very slim and elastic, so it has a large capacity of dust/ dirt whisking with elbow grease but not easy to bend and deform! Large or small area, deep or narrow gap, heavy or light dirt & grime, just need a brush to loosen and wipe off thoroughly!
  • Mainly used for car interior cleaning like carpet, leather seat, floor mats truck, rv, boat, but also for upholstery, furniture, etc.