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2x18 Logistic Strap w/ Ratchet
Industry Supply Inc.

2x18 Logistic Strap w/ Ratchet Tie Down

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Boxer Logistic Ratchet Tie Down

This 2 inch wide and 18 foot long ratchet strap is fitted with heavy duty double J hooks on both ends of the strap to easily hook into a variety of tie down points. The heavy gauge steel ratchet will secure even your heaviest cargo for transport, and the ratchet has a long handle to make tighten the strap comfortable and easy. The yellow strap is made of industrial grade, 2 inch polyester webbing. 

  • 2x18 Logistic strap with ratchet and J hook capacity.
  • 3000 LBS yellow color webbing. An industrial strap, not a big box store strap