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black 20oz pest control fogger
20 Oz. Cordless Cold Fogger
20 Oz. Cordless Cold Fogger
20 Oz. Cordless Cold Fogger
20 Oz. Cordless Cold Fogger
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20 Oz. Cordless Cold Fogger

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F-8b fogger. Apply disinfectants, sanitizers, and insecticides with the XPOWER F-8B battery-powered ULV cold fogger with 0.6 liter (0.15 gallon) tank! This fogger is an absolute must for food service, hospitals, schools, and greenhouses and is easy to use with its compact and lightweight design. A 0.6 liter (0.15 gallon) reservoir is simple to fill and includes a reservoir level window for monitoring of solution fill level. The ultra-low-volume design boasts a large range of coverage while using minimal solution.

  • An on-board battery makes this fogger completely wireless. The battery fully recharges in 3 hours and provides up to 16 minutes of continuous run time.
  • The powerful motor offers a spray distance of over 20 feet and the nozzle can be adjusted to alter both flowrate and droplet size.
  • A grab-n-go handle makes for easy portability.
  • This item requires a 115V electrical connection for operation.
  • 1-Speed 600mL (20.2 fl. oz.) ULV Cold Fogger,
  • 16mins batterylife on full charge,
  • Flow Rate 75mL & 150 mL/minute, Spray Distance 20+ ft.,
  • Average Droplet Size <50 microns (PP)