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green microfiber towels
16"x 27" Colored Towels
16"x 27" Colored Towels
16"x 27" Colored Towels
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16"x 27" Colored Towels 12/ pk

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No matter your industry, or if you are purchasing them for personal use, these towels will get the job done every time. Your choice of 16x27 towels in dark green, red, navy blue, and light blue. Highly absorbent and capable of many washes, only getting better with age.  These towels are great for use at numerous car washes, detail ships, industrial cleaning companies, gyms and work out facilities. Various colors allow for color coding to avoid cross contamination.
  • 16x27
  • 12/Pack
  • Terry Towels great for wiping down vehicles. Soft terry allows the towel to slide across the surface without grabbing.
  • 4 lb. towel
  • Available in colors: Dark Green, Red, Navy Blue, and Light Blue