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Solo Sprayer and Eco Blast Gallon
1 gallon of eco blast
Solo Clean Line Sprayer
Industry Supply Inc.

1 gallon Eco Blast and Solo Sprayer Kit

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Eco-Blast All-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser- 1 gallon
Eco Blast is a concentrated cleaning and degreasing product. Intended to be used as an all purpose cleaner and degreaser in and around food processing plants and also where handling and storage occurs. It is NOT intended to be used on the food itself. When using this product in a food processing facility, it is required to be followed by a potable water rinse every time.
  • Light natural smell, most say it has none
  • Versatile: Can be used for home cleaning, brick/masonry, spot removing, carpet, descaling, granite/stone, kitchen countertops, marine and RV's, ovens/grills, toilet bowls, tub/tile, upholstery, windows, wood, and more.
  • Choose your strength: Can be used for heavy duty cleaning or light general cleaning depending on your preferred dilution. For medium duty degreasing and cleaning, use a 1:4 dilution ratio (1 part product to 4 parts water)
  • Awarded: U.S. EPA Safer Choice, NSF Approved
  • Environmentally Safer: Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, No Butyl, No Phosphates, Non Acid, Non Caustic, Non VOC, No Chlorinated Solvents, Non Flammable
  • Watch Eco-Blast working through tough grime here

Solo Clean Line Sprayer 302-A
  • DURABILITY- Durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank is resistant against UV ray impact and is corrosion-resistant and transparent. Equipped with Viton seals and O-rings for use with acidic liquids and solutions that contain oil or harsh solvents
  • PRESSURIZATION-  Efficient, heavy-duty pumps for quick and effortless pressurization.  Pressure relief valve automatically releases pressure at 45psi. Valve can be operated manually to release pressure
  • VERSATILE- Plastic adjustable spray nozzle perfect for when you want to change spray pressures
  • EASY TO USE- Comfortable commercial shut-off valve with lock-on/lock-off feature with comfortable and padded carrying straps with quick adjustment tab
  • EASY CLEANUP-  Ergonomically-shaped operating components with Large opening for easy filling and cleaning

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