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Perforated Bubble Wrap 48" x 250'
Perforated Bubble Wrap 12" x 250'
Industry Supply Inc.

Perforated Bubble Wrap 12" x 250'

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Bubble wrap is used to cushion and protect delicate products during shipping. Bubble wrap can completely wrap a product, fill void space, or create a protective barrier between several products being shipped together. Great for general packaging and short shipping cycles. Bubble is 30% fuller than other brands so you use less material. Air retention barrier is co-extruded with two layers of polyethylene. Rolls are perforated every 12″.
  • 12" x 250'
  • Cross-perforated every 12" for easy tear off.
  • Polyethylene/Nylon
  • Water resistant, not waterproof.
  • Not biodegradable.
  • Superior protection for fragile, valuable items with long ship cycles.
  • Long lasting, heavy-duty nylon barrier layer.