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330 Gallon Plastic Tote with Metal Cage
Industry Supply Inc

330 Gallon Plastic Tote with Metal Cage NEW

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330 Gallon Tote designed for storage of both hazardous and non-hazardous contents. Space-savings storage containers are easy to fill, stack, and load so they are great for multi-trip applications.  Pallet base construction is steel and plastic for durability and structural integrity. 

  • Viton Seals At The Outlet
  • 2" Nps Bung Top
  • 2" Quick Connect Outlet
  • Inner Container is a rectangular blow molded tank of high density Polyethylene container, PE-HD, natural
  • Filling opening: screw cap- DN150/6", PE-HD, red. O-Ring Gasket: TPE
  • Outer Container: Rectangular grid box made from tubular steel material, with bottom plate, closed with tie-bar, label plate with Schütz-Ticket on front side, additional label plate on the back side.
  • Inner Container: Rectangular blow molded tank of high density polyethylene (HDPE), with filling opening (6") in the middle of the top section. Valve opening in front section

Weights and Measures

Nominal capacity


330 gal US

Brimful Capacity

1260 |

332.863 gal US



39.370 in


1,200 mm

47.240 in

Height with pallet

1,350 mm

53.150 in

Total Weight approx.

68.1 kg

150.1 lbs US