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Unger Cobweb Duster Rounded

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Unger's Cobweb & Corner Duster keeps your home clean from top to bottom with unique flagged bristles that remove and hold spider webs. The unique shape is perfect for dusting ceilings, moldings, HVAC, and corners with ease. Use it hand-held or attach it to any Unger pole (sold separately) to clean high ceilings without the need for a ladder. The flagged bristles easily remove and hold spider webs from moldings and corners – just stick it into the center of the web and spin. The soft, poly fibers won't scratch moldings or walls. construction, or workmanship.

  • Flagged bristles holds cobwebs in place for easy removal
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Compatible with the Connect & Clean system (sold separately)
  • Plastic/polypropylene