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Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Industry Supply Inc.

Tornador TB-900 Cone Brush

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Fits the Tornador Black Z-020 perfectly as another option for a cone with brush capability for maximum cleaning. Attach the cone to your Tornador black to help agitate any stubborn stains on carpet, vinyl, plastics & upholstery. The Tornador TB-900 Cone Brush is a great accessory for your Tornador Black Z-020, specifically designed to easily reach deep into hard-to-reach places. Its soft bristles will not scratch while it agitates stains for easier removal and its rotation vibrates to give a constant cleaning. 

  • Easily attaches
  • Cleans deeper 
  • Soft bristles will not scratch. 
  • Agitates stains for easier removal
  • Compatible with Tornador Black Z-020
  • Great accessory to loosen dirt in hard to reach areas.
  • Rotation vibrates bristles for constant cleaning.
  • The Cone Brush will help deflect loose debris