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Tornador Black Cleaning Tool Z-020
Industry Supply Inc.

Tornador Black Rotation Set TB-200RS

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Tornador Black Rotation Set is a genuine factory replacement part for the Tornador Black. There are sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set to minimize wear. Tornador Black Rotation Set - Using a 12mm box end wrench, remove the rotation set, be sure the clean any dirt or debris from the threads before installing the new part. USE Caution not to crimp or bend the inner liquid tube when installing the Rotation set. After the rotation set has been installed, pull the rotate set furthest away from the tool and trim excess inner liquid tube even with the end of the rotate set. Then reinstall cone.
  • The rotation set for the Tornador Black Z-020.
  • Repair and replacement parts for Tornador detailing products
  •  This perfect replacement part for you if your Tornador Black starts to wear and tear! 
  • Detailing perfectionist 
  • Removes stains, spots, and ground-in dirt