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Heat 'N' Run External Heater System
Industry Supply Inc.

Heat 'N' Run External Heater System

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  • Our exclusive “heat ready” system, available on the Galaxy™, Galaxy Pro™, and select Galaxy 5™ models, gives you the option of purchasing a machine without heat and then adding the heater at any time
  • Ours is the only detachable heater on the market that mounts on the outside, taking only seconds to attach or remove. Placing the heater on the outside has another advantage – it ensures everthing on the inside of the machine runs cooler, thereby extending the life of the pump and motors
  • The stainless steel tank and heating element galvanic corrosion and clogs in the solution flow that can obstruct heat transfer
  • This system really heats up fast, delivering 200 degrees of heat in about 90 seconds. If a repair is necessary, just lift the heater off the back of the machine. It’s that simple!

Heater Watts 1000 W 2000 W
Pressure Up to 1300 psi Up to 1300 psi
Tank Construction Stainless Steeel Stainless Steeel
Power Cord 50 ft. detachable 50 ft. detachable
Electrical Draw 8.3 amps 16.6 amps
Shipping Dimensions 8.25″H x 24″L x 8.25″W 8.25″H x 24″L x 8.25″W
Warranty 5 year parts & labor,
lifetime on housing
5 year parts & labor,
lifetime on housing