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big d deodorizer in original bubblegum scent
single can of mango big d deodorizer
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Big D Deodorizers 12/Case

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  • 12 Cans/Case
  • Eliminates severe odors that cannot be reached by traditional methods
  • Total release fogging or spot spraying option
  • Controls strong odors with pleasant scents left behind
  • Total-release design
  • Excellent for use in property management and auto detailing
  • The original Big D® fragrance – the classic aroma of pink bubble gum from our childhood memories.
  • The mango Big D® fragrance - the mouthwatering scent of ripe, juicy mango
  • Made in USA
  • Provides up to 6,000 cubic feet of coverage.
  • 5 oz cans

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